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Since 2000 Andrew has obeyed the call of God, as an international author, publisher, teacher, and evangelist of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; successfully completing more than 110 international mission trips, and preaching internationally more than 1,400 times in 20 nations of Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific.

More than 11,000 of Andrew's Scriptural meditation books have been distributed in 13 nations, and translated into 7 languages. Andrew's Youtube channel, with more than 120 short teaching videos, has more than 19,000 views. Andrew teaches God's Word in the area of how to receive God's righteousness, love, mercy, grace, peace and power through growing the seeds of God's covenant promises in our hearts. More than 175 short written teachings under 38 topic headings are freely available for study in the Teaching - Written section of Andrew's audio messages are freely available in 13 different languages at communicates the vision and work of Andrew's ministry; provides resources to strengthen and grow the body of Christ, and provides you the opportunity, through partnership with Andrew in the areas of prayer, encouragement and finance, to partake in the eternal fruit of the establishment and growth of the Lord's kingdom among foreign nations.

My heart's desire is for you to receive more of the Lord's love and power to improve and bless your life, so you will be more effective in reconciling others into the Lord's kingdom. I encourage and invite you to join your force with mine, and partner with me to help bring this great blessing of the Lord to others. With love, Andrew

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  • Kobe, Japan October / November 2015

    25 November 2015 - Praise the Lord for the wonderful time of ministry we enjoyed with Kobe Full Gospel Church, Kobe, Japan! The church is only two years old, and we helped to bring encouragement and teaching to strengthen and establish the church in the love and power of the Lord Jesus. Andrew taughts a series entitled "Receiving the Love and Power of God". Messages included: "God has already Provided everything we need for a Blessed and Abundant Life", "Focus on Growing Seed (promises) in our Heart", and "Be aware of Spiritual Warfare". Andrew also taught a mid-week seminar on the subject of "The Gift of Righteousness". You may freely listen to these teachings under the Teaching - Audio, Japanese, section of

    What was most impressive was the love, humility, respect and hospitality of the Japanese Christians of Kobe Full Gospel Church. It was such an honour and privilege to fellowship with them. The Japanese Christians were very hungry for anointed spiritual truth. We pray and trust that the leadership of the church, and their extended family who are very supportive, will continue to be blessed of the Lord is every way. That Pastor Kazu will be strengthened to lead his Japanese people into the fulness of the love and power of Jesus' kingdom.

    With love, Andrew





You need to be born again!

bornagain asianwomanTo enter into God's eternal Kingdom every human being needs to be born again. God has provided everything we need to make us holy and acceptable, to have an eternal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. All we have to do is exercise faith and give permission, or authorize, our becoming born again. We must believe two things and do one thing to secure our eternal destiny.

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 Andrew Shreeve Ministries is led by the Holy Spirit, committed to the integrity of the Word of God, walking by faith and focused on preaching the gospel to all nations...more.

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